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The Weaving Process

Our Commitment

Our Commitment Our love for handmade textiles and hand crafted details is reflected in our commitment to use an element of handwoven or handmade fabric or details in each of the garments we create. We are also committed to developing a more sustainable and responsible brand. We are aware that textile waste is inevitable with every garment we produce. We are also aware that the fashion industry is amongst the top industries polluting the earth with toxic waste from chemical dyes, left over fabric waste, and discarded garments filling up landfills and that this must be changed. Therefore, we would like to be part of the change, by making changes in our design and production processes to be able to deliver our promise of being a more sustainable and responsible brand in terms of production, waste management and consumption of virgin material. We are also learning how working with traditional artisans and crafters across the country is making a positive impact on their lives and is helping to sustain the traditions of handwoven textiles passed on from generation to generation. We also realize how these practices can make a significant contribution to our sustainable future as well as our earth. Therefore, we have formulated our 4 pillars of commitment below.


Most of our garments are produced based on preorder and in small batches to reduce dead stock and over-production.


As a slow fashion brand, we put consideration in all aspects of supply chains, production, using natural dye, handwoven textiles to create timeless designs in order to respect our people and environment.


Smart fabric consumption, smart up-cycling techniques and providing a smart repairing service for customers so they can elongate the lifespan of the garments.


Supporting local artisans and weavers by consistently using elements of their work in our designs.