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About SOE Jakarta
SOE Jakarta’s designs explore the potentials of Indonesian traditional handwoven textiles
infusing them with modern, urban aesthetics. Most pieces in our collections use textiles
developed after intensive discussions with weavers from different parts of the archipelago
who create beautiful fabrics on traditional hand looms.
Texture and artisan-made details are SOE Jakarta’s passion and each collection pushes the
boundaries of what can be achieved through experimentation and exploration of new
materials and techniques. One of the collection explores concepts of topography and
landscapes, which Monique Soeriaatmadja, the Creative Director, dedicated to her late
father, a professor of Geographic Information Systems. Each undyed strand of handspun
cotton yarn was manually laid and woven in with random gaps to create beautiful textures
inspired by landscapes.
Ultimately SOE Jakarta aims to create clothes with a story, everyday wear that is easy to
wear and easily fits into a modern woman’s wardrobe. By juxtaposing beautiful labor
intensive fabrics with modern and technical fabrics, SOE Jakarta reimagines classic
silhouettes with a unique quirky touch, a perfect fit for women who desire tradition without
losing their modern flair.