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Malaika Dress Ashe Dress

Gracie Two Tier Dress - Black


A stylish, off-the-shoulder, two-tiered black dress, held on using a single beige shoulder strap. The dress is made of a blend of cotton and polyester, for an airy and cushy feel. The shoulder strap is a martial arts-like belt tied into a bow that sits on the left side of the dress. You can wear this dress as-is, paired with a nice sunhat and sandals for a "walk-down-the-beach" type vibe, or wear it over a white button-up blose for a classy evening gown feel.


Fabric Composition:

Main Body - 50% cotton & 50% polyester

Shoulder Strap - 100% Polyester



Category : Dress
Product Code : SS16-DRESS-06
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Black Dress Long Off-shoulder

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